Advantages Of Buying Men’s G-string Underwear

covermale102_0024_layer_20-600x600Most of the men would agree to the fact that Cover Male is one of the most popular brands that offer sexy, stylish men’s underwear to the modern men. Men’s g-string underwear covers the front whereas the posterior remains to be open. Some of the people get confused between g-string and thong. But then the g strings have thin straps as compared to that of thongs which have wide straps.

Let’s hop on to the advantages of buying men’s g-string underwear from Cover Male.

  • Perfect Tanning: The triangular shaped pouch covers the masculinity on the front (not in sheer fabric) with just a string passing through the buttocks. It’s more or less nothing on the rear. This feature provides even tanning on the entire rear.
  • No Panty Lines: Yep! I know you must thinking that every g-string serves this purpose, but let me mention that Cover Male g-strings are meant for this. With only two strings attached to a narrow piece of fabric, sexy underwear has no waistband, not coverage on thighs. Hence, no nasty panty lines will protrude from your tight denims.
  • Meant for summer: Men’s g-string underwear by Cover Male are made with a consistent blend of fabrics that are 85% Nylon 15% Spandex for solids and 92% Polyamide 8% Spandex for sheer. The fabric ratio provides the right amount of stretch with appropriate breathability and comfort for your privates. With no fabric on the thighs and rear, it works like a personal air conditioner.
  • Serves Dual Purpose: This fashion underwear assortment is crafted to serve a dual purpose; underwear and swimwear. This is one of the best aspects of this underwear that if need be, you are ready to drop off those pants and still look hot beside the pool. Hence, you can wear them every day to work or to the beach.
  • Less expensive: This advantage will surely bring a smile on your face. With all the above advantages, you must be thinking that the range would be beyond your reach or buying one of these pairs would cut down a big amount from your salary; not to worry. The exotic underwear range starts at a minimum amount of $10.
  • Colors: The varieties of colors available with the brand are unique and alluring. When you start looking, you’ll options such as beige, lime, navy blue, royal blue, orange, black, white, red, turquoise, purple, yellow and pink as well as sheer white and sheer black with camouflage print as well.

If you’re buying men’s g-string for the first time, Cover Male makes sure you get the best of experience. The words that describe this assortment are designer, sexy, functional and delightful.


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