Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Brazilian Bikini- A Thong or a Bikini?

The best selling style of men’s bikini underwear by Cover Male is a pure delight to the eyes as well as to the wearer. The Pouch Enhancing Brazilian Bikini is one of the most popular products in the bikini underwear category. The style let’s you flaunt a lot of skin.

About the product

The enhancing underwear is a combination of bikini and thong. It’s sexy fit on the skin makes men fall in love with themselves. They are apt for men who don’t hesitate in exposing the rear and desire comfortable contoured pouch for the package. The fabric blend of 86% polyamide and 14% spandex provides ultra comfort with a lot of stretch for the movements.

What we liked?

  • Design: The sexy low cut bikini sits way below the waistline or we can say high on the thighs exposing the most of the body. The erotic rear has just a little extra fabric than a thong whereas, the front has a snug fit with minimal fabric everywhere else. The cut of the entire designer underwear is extremely tempting and tantalizing. Though under the covers, it leaves very less for the imagination.
  • Fabric: The ultra smooth polyamide fabric falls soft on the skin and hugs every bit of the skin it touches. Spandex on the other hand is incorporated in a bigger amount that provides a lot of flexibility and stretch to the legs.
  • Pouch: The name of the enhancing underwear itself says it all; Pouch Enhancing Brazilian bikini. The pouch is specifically engineered to give a protruded bulge in the pants that is visible from a distance.
  • Availability: The bikini underwear for men is available in the most alluring colors like white, turquoise, purple, navy blue, pink, orange, lime, yellow, red and camouflage with sheer white and sheer black.

The Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Brazilian Bikini is best for men who want to try on men’s thong underwear with a little more fabric on the rear. This men’s bikini is comfortable, supportive and extremely sexy to showcase your well made muscles.


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