Men’s Fashion Underwear- What You Should Look For?

Show off your wild side with fashionable underwear varieties available at Cover Male. The brand, being creative and sophisticated features the most flirtatious and sexiest styles of men’s fashion underwear that allows you to show off your manhood in the best possible way. All these underwear styles possess a touch of style and flair of luxurious fabrics that defines your personality by stretching completely and hugging your body.

Thongs, Jockstraps, G strings, Boxer Briefs, Bikinis, Boxer Shorts and Shape wear are the most selling men’s fashion underwear categories available at Intymen. When it comes to fashionable underwear, the products in this category are the most comfortable in terms of coverage and comfort they provide.

What makes men’s underwear fashionable?

Gone are the days when people use to wear those traditional granny styles men’s underwear. The world of fashion has evolved and so has the need of men too. Underwear styles available these days feature much more than protection. Let’s see what makes the men’s underwear so fashionable yet protective-

Support- Underwear like briefs, thongs and g- strings are featured with a supportive contour pouch that holds the privates in space by not letting them move here and there. These underwear styles are built- in with a sack lifting technology that lifts your genitals tightly and creates an enhanced bulge, thereby creating an enticing sexy appeal. The lifting and support provided by this technology helps to reduce sticking, sweating, squashing and chafing.

Comfort- All the underwear styles including briefs, g- strings, boxer briefs, thongs are constituted from a supreme quality of fabric that offers a smooth and soft touch to your body. Most popular fabrics used are Nylon, Spandex, Polyester and Cotton and the best part about these fabric materials are that these are known for its being highly durable, flexible, stretchable, moisture resistant and water absorbing qualities. All these qualities in combination provides a comfy and relaxing feel keeping you fresh and cool all the day long.

Supportive Centered Pouch- The center pouch lets your package sit comfortably and provides support. This lift and support helps to move the package upwards and outwards which in turn enhances the appearance of front. By moving the package away from body, it reduces sticking and sweating as well. In addition to it, the pouch provides extra space and allows everything to space freely.


Explore the world of sexy, skimpy and comfortable men’s fashion underwear that is crafted for intimate pleasure, sporty activities and comfortable looks to enhance your personality with sophistication.


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