Fabric Choices In Men’s Thong Underwear

Fabrics play a crucial role in defining how comfortable, skimpy and fit thong underwear is. At Cover Male, the manufacturers have put in their experience, knowledge and present day techniques to design the most comfortable yet elegant styles of men’s thong underwear by using great fabric choices.

  • Nylon- Lightweight with soft and silky texture, Nylon forms the fabric which provides comfort and fit to users upon wearing. The comfort, sensuality and boldness Nylon offers makes men’s thong underwear provide a pleasant feeling every time when one wears it. It is also flexible making it more comfortable when doing activities that involve too much moving around. Sensuality is another important factor when wearing Nylon thongs. The touch of fabric’s soft texture on the package makes a man feel sexier. Most Nylon underwear is see- through offering a tempting look.
  • Polyester- Polyester forms a durable fabric and much more comfortable fiber. Being a strong durable and long lasting fiber it easily maintains its shape even after multiple washing. It is also known for wicking away moisture in the moist conditions. Known for its versatility polyester will keep you comfortable and warmer too.
  • Cotton- Typically light weight, 100% Cotton underwear fits comfortably under clothes. It provides extra warmth, without bulk to feel warm and dry indoors and out.
  • Spandex- Spandex is quite popular fabric which is known for its being skin tight and providing a soft, skin like feel that can be viewed as sensual. Their versatility and strength makes it a popular fabric because it allows the body to breathe and muscles to expand and contract during the workout. In addition to it, Spandex is also known as a popular fabric for designing erotic underwear. The soft, skin like feel and body hugging features makes it sexy underwear amongst men.

Cover Male counts itself as a reputed brand when it comes to “QUALITY”, therefore they focus on designing men’s thong underwear of high quality fabric. By combining quality with comfort and sexiness, the brand focuses on offering the most sexy thong underwear for men.


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