Tips To Avoid Thong Wedgies

cm111brazilianbikini0153-600x600Men’s thong underwear are designed with a less piece of fabric only in the front and less fabric means less chances of getting wedgies, right? While enjoying the comfort and freedom provided by thongs, there are some precautions which you must take to avoid thong wedgies. Let’s give them a closer look-

Make sure to pick up the right size before buying thongs. Men often complain that thongs fits unusual than regular styles of underwear. This is one reason where you need to be a little more specific and buy thong underwear that would normally fit. If you buy thong underwear that is too small, it will become difficult for you to avoid wedgies.

Explore different fabric options. Try out a range of different materials. Since Cotton is more likely to ride up because of its being less elastic. You need to explore other natural fabric choices.

Thongs come in a wide number of variations in cuts. You need to be comfortable with a range of different thong cuts. Some people find that thongs with less material on the buttocks are less likely to ride up, others report exactly the opposite.

Allow for some time to adjust to the way a thong feels. When first wearing a thong, many men and women report the sensation of a wedgie, which actually abates once you get used to how a thong is shaped. After a while, it should start to feel like you aren’t even actually wearing underwear at all.


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