Cover Male Thongs- 3 Popular Styles

Cover Male has always been a sophisticated brand when it comes to design sexy assortment of men’s underwear. The brand is well known for crafting provocative, sensuous and appealing men’s thong underwear which not only offers comfort inside but also appeals to the eye. Some of the most popular styles offered by the brand are-

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong- Keeping in mind the sex appeal of modern male, Pouch Enhancing thong by the brand is designed for ultimate show off. The sexy cut of the entire piece is tantalizing and leaves no room for imagination. The pouch enhancing thong is designed to sit high on your thighs wanting to show as much skin as possible. The contoured pouch on the other hand, enhances your front and profile views for the maximum allure. Available in sizes small to extra large, pouch enhancing thong by the brand is available so as to match the personality of all men.


Cover Male Brazilian Skimpy Thongs- This range of thongs can be worn as a swim wear too. They are skimpy sexy underwear with Brazilian cut. They look small but are comfortable and give a proper shape and fit.


Cover Male Cotton Blend Thongs- With a broad elastic logo waistband, these thongs provide the strong grip of the underwear on the body. The modern design makes it a must have for every man. The V-shaped contoured pouch keeps the package steady and firm on its correct position.

The different styles available with the brand are sexy, sensuous and available in tempting colors and styles to offer visual appeal. Thongs by the brand are not only functional but are also fashionable. Explore the inventory at for better options in size, color and fabric.


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