All about Cover Male G strings!!

With a range of cuts and color options, Cover Male G strings for men are designed for ultimate support and comfort. The collection of G strings by the brand is perfect for guys who have nothing to hide. The material with which they are crafted is comfortable for everyday wear and feels durable for long lasting comfort.

cm102-navy1-600x600Cover Male’s G string underwear combines a compact contoured pouch in the front with the barest coverage in the back. Its side and back G strings stretch to offer snug fit to the crotch area and side legs. Cover Male G string underwear styles run true to size for most of the individuals whereas the options of other size availability gives you flexibility to choose between the different size options available. One of the upsides of a g string is that it can feel like you are wearing nothing at all. Indeed the style feels very weightless when worn.

Typically minimal in design, G strings by the brand offer room for interesting fabrics and accent choices to be made. The elastic strap colors from the basic black to bright Neons are all co- ordinate with technically accurate hue and saturation between both types of materials.

Similarly, the designing have contour fit pouch for better enhancement and the high quality fabric is used which is made from Polyamide and Spandex. The material being light weight, breathable has quick drying traits, thereby giving required amount of stretch and comfort.

The designing of Cover Male G strings serve a dual purpose by acting as an underwear as well as swimwear.

Aspects which make Cover Male G Strings so popular-

Pouch Design- G strings by the brand are featured with a front contoured pouch which is meant to support and protect the male genitalia from external injuries. The support offered by male g strings by Cover Male keeps the entire package intact without interfering with unnecessary leg movements. It provides lift, support, bulge and protection to the crotch and also provides freedom along with comfort.

Supreme quality of Fabric- The entire collection of G strings by Cover Male is manufactured using top quality of fabrics like Spandex and Polyester that includes stretch, flexibility and comfort. The ample mobility and comfort the styles offers to the wearer makes it preferable to be worn under any type of clothing, even during work, parties or relaxing at home.

Acts as a Shape Wear- G strings underwear by Cover Male offers lift, support, bulge and protection, thereby providing ultimate level of freedom and comfort.

The brand also offers multiple options in colors, as discussed above including beige, white, black, purple, navy, yellow, orange and turquoise. These color options are very revealing and wearing which you will be able to express your deepest desires for your partner.

Shop the collection of Cover Male G strings by Cover Male at their own online store, i.e.





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