What Should You Look For In Men’s Thongs?

Most of the male population would surely not consider wearing men’s thong underwear over their classic tighty whiteys, but the ones who do, surely have something in mind in regard to their men’s underwear. We recently had a discussion with a group of men who are passionate about wearing thongs on a day-to-day basis. This blog talks about the various aspects or features that they look for in their pair of male thongs.



1. Comfort: This is the first thing that men look for in their thongs or even in any style such men’s bikini underwear or men’s g-strings. Comfort for them comes first, even before the way the apparel looks like. Though some of the guys said that they took some time to adjust with the rear strap, but got used to it.

2. Fit: Thongs are just a tiny piece of fabric on the front with nothing in the rear. What matters to men the most is that the men’s erotic underwear style should fit well on the manhood and keep a tight grip in order to increase the visibility within the pants.

3. Enhancement: 7/10 of the guys also showed interest in the bigger bulge down there. Hence, the enhancement is another aspect that men look for while buying thongs or any other style.

4. Sex appeal: This is one aspect that 99% of the males agreed to. Men look for enhanced sex appeal with thongs on them. Some also mentioned that thongs make them look sexier even on an ordinary day as well as on the occasions when they want to look special.

These were some of the aspects that men look for in thongs for men. Well, as a conclusion we asked to try Cover Male thongs which resulted in 79% satisfaction. Some of them found it to be super comfortable while others felt it was sexy and classy as well.

Have you tried Cover Male before? Do let us know in the comments below.


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