Show Off your Sides with Cover Male Slit Boxer

Cover Male Slit Boxer Royal Blue

You’ll find a lot of men who desire to flaunt their fruit, but very few settle to show off their sides. Do you agree? I am one of those men who love to show off the sides and build the temptation rather than jumping on the actual idea by revealing the manhood. Cover Male has a men’s underwear assortment that is sexy, sensuous and very smooth on the manhood. One of them is the Cover Male Slit Boxer.

Cover Male Slit Boxer Royal Blue

This mens nylon underwear is crafted with 85% Nylon and 15% Spandex that is classic and has been used in many styles because of the exceptional qualities like comfort, moisture wicking, breathe-ability and more. Side slit-cut design provides easy access to the manhood in times of need as well as increases the air circulation down there. The center contoured pouch provides more comfort than the other ordinary pouch options.

Check out the soft and smooth appeal of the apparel style by Cover Male at


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