New Underwear-New Fashion: Men’s Camo print underwear

Have you felt like becoming a soldier when you were a kid? You’d be thanking brands like Cover Male for making that dream come true (not in the literal sense) in the most basic of its kind. Camouflage print is often referred to the army or soldier print worn by the armed personnel.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheek Boxer Camo

Men’s camo underwear style has gained a lot of momentum in the last few years. There are many people who prefer to wear camo print underwear. And, the market is always progressing and developing with major brands and updating their range.

The Cover Male has a collection of Camo print underwear for the autumn and winter season. They feature their own uniquely designed camouflage print in a traditional ‘army’ print. The distinctive designs are typical of Cover Male tactic of making very ‘noticeable’ products that are hard to ignore. Even their cotton rich, comfortable and fashionable items are all designed with a contoured front pouch for maximum comfort, and an athletic fit. Also, from Cover Male you can be assured of their usual quality and durability. Generally, a traditional ‘army’ camouflage version is designed to provide comfort and support, especially cut to sit low on the hips for a contemporary look.

Camouflage print underwear is a fun and a sexy way to strut your stuff. So, if you have never tried of wearing camo print underwear, then you should try! There is no harm in trying something new.

Cover Male offers various camouflage underwear styles for men. Also, this brand includes camo boxers, swimwear, sheer camo muscle shirts, camo thongs, camo jockstraps and many more. So, shop for the different range of male underwear at


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