Something About Camo Underwear

What comes to your mind when camo or camouflage is said? Well, the first thing that came a across my mind was the soldier’s uniform. I had never been introduced Camo Underwear before and when I was, it came to me as a pleasant surprise. I thought that I will be a little soldier with these. Jokes apart, the respective print in men’s underwear has gone from nowhere to a huge popularity.

Well, let us take a deeper look into what exactly is camo print.

Men's Camo Underwear

Introduced long back for the purpose of hiding in the woods (that’s how it looks like it). Whether for the hunting or from the enemies at war, camouflage print did best to hide you in the surroundings.

What happened next was, that the fashion industry adopted it and now you can very well see the variety in which these are available. Cover Male has a huge assortment of camouflage underwear with covering the gamut of styles from pouch enhancing thongs to boxers.

You’ll find something for every personality and their likes in terms of coverage, style, pouch options and fabric compositions. Some popular styles available at the brand store are:

1. Camo G-string: Just as skimpy as it could get, the brand has added the touch of sporty appeal to the sexy pair of g-string underwear for men. Made with 86% polyamide and 14% spandex, it is perfect to be worn as underwear as well as swimwear.

Cover Male G-String Camo

2. Camo Pouch Enhancing Thong: The sexiest of them all and equally supportive is what the pouch enhancing thong underwear by the label boasts about. High cuts, elevated pouch for a bigger bulge in the pants and perfect for everyday as well as special occasions. Know more about pouch enhancing underwear here.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Thong Camo

With many more styles including mens bikini underwear, running shorts and boxers, you can choose from the variety easily. Check out for more.


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