Every thing that you need to know about the cheeky underwear of Cover Male

If you want an underwear that is cozy, supportive and stylish, all at the same time than the cheeky style is for you. Cover Male has come up with a unique idea, in the form of cheeky underwear. As the name suggest, these underwear has got a very cheeky and playful style. Their minimal coverage can boost up your spirit.

The front of the these Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheeky Boxer Brief features contoured pouch while the back is a bit revealing. These underwear, that lets you flaunt your skin, can be named as men’s lingerie. Few of these cheeky styles have sheer and see-through properties that are so fashionable that they can challenge the most stylish underwear in your wardrobe. The high rise cut in the rare can transform even the simple designs of boxers and briefs into a sexy underwear. They are for men who likes to flaunt their asset.

Along with looks and sensuality, the cheeky style underwear is perfect in terms of functionality. The pouch lifts your manhood and ensures that they are in position. It shapes it up and enhances the visibility of your package. It offers full comfort to the user. The fabric of the underwear of Cover Male includes polyamide, cotton, polyester along with spandex in correct proportion. The airy material of these undies has moisture wicking property that keeps you dry the entire day. Especially, the cheeky style is very airy and provides the best ever ventilation to your skin. It is perfect for hot summer days.

Pamper your butt with the cheeky style of Cover Male underwear. These sassy designs are available in boxers and boxer briefs. Get your piece now from covermale.com and let the innovative design compliment your personality. Visit the site to explore the exciting array.


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