Should You Wear Underwear under Running Shorts?

The first thing that one needs to understand here is that running shorts is not only a particular bottom wear style. You’d find running shorts in the men’s underwear industry whereas; the other style is referred to the outfit that is specifically needed for marathons or rigorous running purposes.

Talking about the former style that is offered by brands like Cover Male, should you be wearing a different underwear under it for the variety of purposes? Men’s running shorts underwear looks more like underneath fashion but features minimal or no support to the masculinity.

Cover Male Running Short Beige

Well, let us look at the different occasions and their respective needs to figure out where you must wear underwear and where you mustn’t.

1. At work

Work is a place where your reputation is built keeping your personality in mind. The way you look is what matters in today’s time. Having even a tiny thong underwear for men would add to the support that your manhood seeks for a visible and supported profile. Hence, you must wear something under it!

2. For sleeping

Sleeping is a time when all you need is ample amount of comfort with no support, or visibility. You are free to twist and turn on the bed, and no one would care whether your masculinity is in one place or not. Hence, you must not have something under it!

3. For running or jogging

With the name being running shorts, the aspect that makes it a perfect pair for the same is the comfort. Apart from comfort, if you don’t want your manhood to face problems, having a pair of men’s jockstrap or cheeky underwear (boxer or briefs) is beneficial. Hence, you must wear something under it!

4. For leisure

While at home or at your friend’s place, all you need is style, sex appeal, and comfort. Wit the high cuts on the sides of the apparel style, and a retro look, the specific style is a must have. Hence, you must not have something under it!

Is there anything we missed up here? Do let us know and we’ll fill it for you. So, there are different situations that have different needs. Go about it and flaunt your sex appeal with the  style. Shop now at


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