7 Myths about Cheeky Underwear

Gone are the days when the men’s underwear was just a piece of garment that covered and supported the manhood. Beyond functionality, the underneath articles speaks about your fashion sense and personal style. In fact, a man’s personality is judged with his underwear collection. With the changing taste and preference of modern men, the fashion experts of the industry had to give a contemporary touch to the traditional cuts. Cheeky boxers are one such article that has slowly and steadily made it’s way into the heart of fashion connoisseurs.

However, innovations are always followed by taboos and myths. Here are some of the myths of cheeky underwear that have kept most of the men from using them.

  • Myth 1: They are uncomfortable

    Reality: The cheeky underwear have higher cuts at the rear and allows a bit of your butt cheek to peep out. This is why, people have a notion that they ride up and slip inside the crack making it uncomfortable. However, these undies provides a snug-fit and reduces snug-fit. So, you need not worry about the underwear line slipping in between the butt-cheeks.

  • Myth 2: They are feminine

    Reality: It’s true that the cheeky styles are inspired by women’s lingerie. Yet, they are as masculine as any other underwear style. The cheeky cut is available in varied styles namely boxers, brief and others. So, you can use it without worrying about compromising with your masculinity..


  • Myth 3: They are too young

    Reality: This is one of sexy underwear styles that can worn by men of all age groups. They are not outrageously revealing like their contemporary counterparts. The undies provides full coverage in the front. While a bit of skin show at the rear allows you to make a bold statement. You can your modesty intact and still flaunt the playful side.

  • Myth4: They are for pleasure purpose only

    Reality: Absolutely not. The cheeky underwear are supportive and comfortable enough to be worn on any occasion. The underneath article hugs you better and keeps the package together. The innovative design can complement your personality, regardless of the occasion.

  • Myth 5: They have underwear line

    Reality: Just like the skimpy cuts of men’s thong and g-string underwear, these underneath apparel prevents visible underwear line from your skinny jeans. The cheeky pair hides the line and allows you to slip into your tight pants.


  • Myth 6: They ride up

    Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Cheeky Underwear

    Reality: As mentioned-above, with a fit so close, the fabric of garment hugs you way better than the other conventional styles. So, there is absolutely no risk of bunching up.

  • Myth 7: They affect fertility

    Reality: This is a common myth with cheeky brief underwear, but it doesn’t. It is actually a repercussion of wearing very tight underwear. So, refer to the size chart and make sure that you choose the perfect fit.

Explode the myths about the subtly sexy underneath apparel and get down to the real truth. Go on, wear your cheeky piece and pamper your buttocks.


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