Why is everyone going crazy about flag underwear?

I was flipping online stores that are into men’s underwear and other accessories for men. Though I found numerous big stores that offer everything from the intimate apparel styles to the socks, jeans and more, I also came across brands that design flag underwear.


You should take a look at the collection and you’ll definitely see how popular they are among men these days.

What’s flag underwear?
Flag underwear as the name states is a men’s underwear style that features country flag prints. Available in a gamut of styles from boxers to boxer briefs, thong underwear, men’s jockstraps and more, the range of prints cover the popular countries including Canada, Australia, US and more.

Now the question is – why are men going crazy about the respective category so much?

  • Because they’re different from the regular:

    If you take a look at your regular styles and compare them with these pieces, you’d find that the differences between both the styles are vast. While the regular ones are ordinary, flag prints look extraordinary for every occasion. The looks itself decipher that which one makes it better for you.

Cover Male Flag Bikini Brief

  • The flag print is extraordinary:

    You don’t get to have flags as underwear or men’s swimwear every now and then. From Canada’s maple leaf to the stripes and stars of the US to the other prints, the prints look out-of-the-box and perfect to be pulled up your legs and get them settled on the assets. After all, your choice of underwear style affects your personality.

Cover Male Flag Boxer Trunk

  • The low rise fit:

    Men these days love to keep their underwear fit low waist. The low rise fit on the waistline lets you wear anything and everything with the styles. They ride low and do not allow it to ride up from the low waist pants. The no visible waistband (in some products) keep a smooth grip on the skin whereas; the elastic waistbands are sturdy on the body.

Cover Male Flag Jockstrap

  • Extremely sexy:

    With the variety of styles available in the category, the cuts that are featured are extremely sexy. While the conventional ones cover what needs to be covered with excessive areas too hidden under the same. On the other hand, the sexier styles like thong or jockstraps leave a lot to be seen on the outside. The defining fit on the legs as well as on the manhood is what makes your personality even more appealing.

Cover Male Slip Thong

Indulge in the flag pieces and feel the difference yourself.


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