Plus size? – Know more about your style

Over Size Man

Has your plus size made you feel shy about your personality? You might have heard this term “plus size” a lot in the women’s fashion industry, but things are changing now and so should you. Oh no! We don’t want you to change because we’ve brought something to you and you’d be happy to find out that even as a plus size, you can still be a rocker.

If you are looking forward to understanding how to dress, you are certainly at the right place. Following are the ways with which you can easily look and feel fab while being big.

  • Don’t make it complicated

    Be the man with a plan and make sure you keep it simple when it comes to choosing the hues. Being the bigger guy, opt for subtle shades and not the peppy ones. Solids and neutrals are definitely the choices but if you are looking forward to wearing prints, choose light stripes, or not-so-loud polka dots.

  • Vertical stripes are the ideal option

    You might have heard a lot of people saying that stripes aren’t the right option for you. Yes, they aren’t! They make you look bigger. Well, if you still want to pamper yourself with stripes, vertical stripes are your go-to option. Vertical stripes make you look longer and hence, you still look thinner. Horizontal stripes are completely prohibited. Just make sure you choose thin stripes over thick ones.

Vertical stripes T-shirt

  • Layer your clothes

    Layering is a good habit for the bigger guys. You can add the lighter hues on the inside and the darker ones outside to brighten up the outfit as well as make you look sleeker below the torso.

Plus Size Man In Layerd Clothes

  • Opt for lightweight fabrics

    Anything bulky would not be a great idea for you. Make sure you choose the fabrics you put up with. We understand that the key to dressing needs it but you still have the option of choosing lighter cotton materials and layer up if the need be.

  • Use shapewear to get the form fit

    Go seamlessly when it comes to men’s underwear. Because any sorts of lines would give an outline on the outside which, in any case, looks absurd. You can either shape up with shapewear available online or pick men’s thong underwear or g-strings for men to avoid outlines and imbibe comfort.

  • Accessorize correctly

    What if you are big? You too have the access to accessorize yourself. Ust makes sure you choose the right accessories. Wear accessories such as glasses, scarves, watches, and a hat to draw attention to the extremities.

Rock your personality and don’t be shy about it.


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