Weekend Casuals: The Off-Duty Look

Weekends are the official days where you can ditch the formal attires and slip into your casuals for the romantic dates or casual movies with friends. So, when it comes to dressing up for weekends, we prefer our style to calm and sophisticated. If you are one of them then, the below blog incorporates the casual dressing ideas for the chill out outings. Read on to find out.

  • T-shirts

    T-shirts are one of the coolest ways to keep yourself comfortable. A cotton T-shirt in shades like white, gray and black, will deliver an enhanced personality. Polo shirts can be a good example for such cases. However, ensure to grab the right fit as they accentuate the best of your physique.


  • Denims

    One of the cozy attire that has been in fashion for a very long time. Many variations of the same are available in the market like skinny jeans but, personally I don’t prefer the skinny ones. They just hug my body so tight that it feels difficult to breathe. The normal straight cuts are my type. Many of them are also available in soft fabric compositions that are a look alike of the traditional denim but are soft as normal pants.


  • Footwear

    Dump in the oxfords and tie-ups for a day and prefer for sneakers and loafers that can deliver a relaxed look. Don’t opt for flashy colors or prints on the sneakers as they may give a kiddish look. Instead opt for bold colors like black, browns, royal blue etc.


  • Underwear

    Underwear is equally important as they have the ability to deliver an impressive personality. In case you are planning a date with your bae then, opt for the pouch underwear for men that presents an enhanced sex appeal. This men’s underwear is sure to end your day with the naughty moments as well.

Cover Male Pouch Enhancing Bikini

  • Accessories

    Accessories complete the look of the wearer. Opt for cool ones like a good looking watch, sunglasses, and belts. These objects complement your personality in the best way.


  • Grooming

    A good hair cut and a beard style can add some hotness to your machismo. Additionally, spray some perfume on your neck and shoulders to create head turning moments. Avoid the heavy one’s rather, opt for the heavenly ones.


Above are some of the tips to casual dressing. Hope you guys enjoy your weekend in the best way.



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